Sternal Plating System

Thin 1.5mm sternal plates, available in multiple configurations, couple with easy-to-use instrumentation, providing unmatched speed and efficiency for rigid fixation.

The Grand Pre®

Sternal Plating System

Sternal plates applied prior to sternotomy, providing bony alignment, true anatomical closure, and continuous dynamic compression.

Patient Testimonial

Surgeon Perspective

The Low Profile Core Plates

Thin 1.5mm plates designed to accommodate a wide variety of patient anatomies.

The Low Profile Anatomic (Pre-Contoured) Sternal Plates

Sternal plates designed to accommodate patient anatomy and minimize the need for manual bending.

The Low Profile Bridge Sternal Plates

Uniquely designed plates that may independently accommodate existing fixation and anatomical prominences.

The Low Profile Reconstruction/Specialty Sternal Plates

Broadest portfolio of plating solutions for complex sternal reconstruction surgeries.  Sternal plates creatively designed with orientation options to span body-to-manubrial junction and mini/partial sternotomy surgical approaches.

The Low Profile Instrumentation and Mini-Thoracotomy

Plates and instruments designed specifically for mini-thoracotomy MIS procedures.

The Grand Pre® Sternal Plating System

When it comes to performing a sternotomy, it’s important that sternal closure is performed in a way that returns patients to their correct anatomical positioning. The Grand Pre® Pre-Sternotomy Sternal Plating System provides for true anatomical closure through the use of its intuitive procedure delivery system.