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From the single step delivery of the plate and screw construct, applied pre-sternotomy, to the patented Posi-Lock® ratchet wheel closure, The Grand Pre® is a complete re-think of rigid closure for cardiac surgery.

Orthopaedic, Spine and Craniomaxillofacial specialties all rely on the proven benefits of rigid closure.1,2,3 By securing the plates/screws before cutting the sternum while the surgeon is fresh at the beginning of surgery, it provides quick closure at the end of surgery while ensuring the sternal halves return to their natural anatomical position.

Advanced Implant Design

The Grand Pre® Sternal Closure System with Posi-Lock® ratchet wheel technology provides dynamic, continuous compression for lateral distraction and sustained alignment for longitudinal and transverse shear forces.

Mini/Partial Sternotomy Application

The Implant Positioner’s small footprint facilitates access for small incisions. The plates and screws are positioned simultaneously.

Designed for Reentry

Reentry is accomplished with a standard wire cutter, allowing the implant to be separated, serviced and reused for subsequent closure.

Experience the Efficiency

In collaboration with our developing surgeons, the JACE Medical team of engineers studied the morphology of native sternums to design optimally sized plates and screws. The result is enhanced efficiency with a simplified inventory.

  • One size locking plate construct with one length of screw

  • Self-drilling large diameter, unicortical screw eliminates the need for measuring and pre-drilling

  • No bending or contouring of plates

  • Intuitive procedure delivery system

A New Standard of Instrumentation

The instrument design focuses on simplifying rigid sternal closure by reducing the number of procedural steps required. The enhancements have the potential for meaningful time savings.

  • Implant Positioner simultaneously delivers implants and screws to the operative site

  • Small footprint facilitates access for minimal incisions

  • Controlled screw delivery, under power, with a calibrated torque limiter

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  • All implant components are manufactured from Titanium alloy and thus are nickel free. These are great solutions for a metal sensitive or metal allergic patient.
  • All implant components are MRI compatible.
  • The Grand Pre® may also be applied post-sternotomy.
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