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The Low Profile Post-Sternotomy Sternal Plating System is designed to accommodate a wide variety of patient anatomies. This innovative system includes thin 1.5mm sternal plates that include flat or anatomically contoured plates that reduce the need for manual bending.  The system’s preloaded Implant Positioners provide for a single pass from OR nurse to surgeon, increased precision and accuracy of plate/screw fixation, as well as providing for the use of a power driver for unrivaled speed.*  Color-coded screws simplify the length selection and identification process and contribute to the overall ease of use of the products.  This extensive system is used for primary, reconstruction, mini/partial sternotomy, and mini-thoractomy procedures.

The Low Profile – Core Plates

Thin 1.5mm titanium core plates and screws are the most popular plate geometries for primary closure. Each plate geometry has a corresponding Implant Positioner that is quickly assembled and results in unrivaled speed in plate and screw fixation.* The color-coded 3.5mm diameter screws used with all Low Profile Plates are the strongest screws on the market. These core plate geometries and associated Implant Positioners are used throughout The Low Profile portfolio.

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The Low Profile – Anatomic Plates

Optional anatomically pre-contoured plates are available to accommodate unique patient anatomies. Based off the popular Core Plate geometries, the Anatomic Plates conform to concave and convex sternal anatomy without the need for manual bending. Color-coding has been included to streamline selection and identification of plates and positioners.

The Low Profile – Bridge Plates

JACE Medical’s popular H and Box plates have been redefined. Bridge plates provide clearance over existing circumferential fixation modalities. This allows surgeons to add the benefits of sternal plates while using their current circumferential techniques. Dedicated Implant Positioners maintain the speed and efficiency of The Low Profile system.

The Low Profile – Reconstruction/Specialty Plates

Broad portfolio of reconstruction plates are used to fix the most challenging sternal reconstruction cases. Specialty Plates can be used to span the manubriosternal junction (angle of Louis) or rigidly fix mini/partial sternotomy approaches (J, L, or T incisions). Each plate can be manually bent to conform to complex sternal anatomies. Furthermore, speed, precision, and accuracy have been incorporated with the use of Implant Positioners.

The Low Profile – Instrumentation and Mini-Thoracotomy

JACE Medical’s unique instrumentation includes Implant Positioners that allow for rapid screw and plate placement with a power driver while ensuring screws never cross-thread. Color-coded screws and a Screw Depth Guide simplify the length selection and identification process.

Plates and instruments designed for mini-thoracotomy procedures allow accurate and efficient plate placement in small incisions.

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  • All implant components are manufactured from Titanium alloy and thus are nickel free. These are great solutions for a metal sensitive or metal allergic patient.
  • All implant components are MRI compatible.

*Technical data on file at JACE Medical, LLC.